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This incident took place when I was about 11 years old. I used to go to school on my bicycle. I had to visit the bicycle vendor nearby, once every 2-3 days, to get air filled in my bike’s tyres. I coudn’t do it in the morning because I’d get late for school. So one evening I was at this vendor and there was another kid (of about my age) who’d come for the same reason. The guy at the vendor approached the kid. The kid then bent down and opened the valves of his bicycle’s tyres, letting out the air in them. I was wondering why he did that. He then signalled to the guy at the vendor and said “Uncle, fill them with fresh air now”. Now I get it – it costs the same anyway! That’s what I call making the most of your resources.


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Thierry Henry’s last words as an Arsenal player

June 24, 2007 at 5:50 pm (Footie)

Arsenal Football Club gave Thierry Henry the opportunity to speak to Arsenal supporters about his departure from the Club. What follows is the unedited transcript of the interview. The views expressed by Thierry Henry are not necessarily representative of Arsenal Football Club or its employees.

Thierry you have left Arsenal, can you tell the supporters your reasons for going?

“I have said it so many times. Before Mr Dein left, for whatever reason, I went to the boss and said I don’t want to leave. There had been a lot of speculation about me and I assured him that I did not want to leave. But after Mr Dein left that unsettled the team and the boss. Especially as at the moment he has not committed himself to the club. He said he will see out his contract but you cannot be sure if he is going to go or stay [at the end of next season]. Hopefully he is going to stay but I need to be certain and reassured of that. Everybody knows I am 30. The boss being unsettled, Mr Dein going, it did unsettle me a bit. After that I had thoughts of leaving the club.

“It is a difficult day for me to come here at Emirates Stadium and talk about this. But I want to come here explain why to the fans. I want to be certain of where the club was going and reassured in a way. I wasn’t and I have chosen to go.”

How long did the decision take and how agonising was it?

“It was a long one but nobody knew what was happening to be honest. We were hearing some stuff in the press about what happened and what did not happen so you have to make your own mind up. It was the most difficult decision of my life.

“Beating the record of Wrighty, putting it at 226, playing for Arsenal, loving the club. It was and will remain the most difficult decision of my life. I will always love the club.”

Arsène Wenger has always said ‘Arsenal will be club of my life’ because he has spent the prime of his career here. Is that true for you too?

“I don’t know if I will play eight years more or where the future is so yes. I had a special relationship with the fans with the boss, Mr Dein and everybody who was attached to Arsenal. Arsenal will always be in my heart, my blood, my head. Everybody will. The press office, the chef, the girls at the training ground, the guys who made the pitch perfect at the training ground and at Emirates, the guys at stadium who help us perform at our best. I will miss everybody. The Arsenal fans who told me to step up my game or to carry on. It will be huge miss for me. I will take everybody in my head and my heart. Everybody who I trained with a worked with. Especially the boss and Mr Dein and the Arsenal fans who have been more than tremendous to me. It was unreal at times.

“I looked the schedule and already know when we, I mean you, are playing against Tottenham. I did it as a reflex. When fixtures came out I looked for Tottenham and I know it is pretty early on. When they play I will be watching and trying to be the first to know the result even though I know the fans will beat me. It is really special coming here [to Emirates Stadium] to talk about it. I will always have Arsenal in my blood I know some people will never accept the decision I just want to say to the fans that I always gave 100 per cent. Even the last year when I was injured I tried to perform. It was not the 30 goals you were used to but it was 17 games in the League and scored 10 so that was not a bad ratio. It was all about the heart and the commitment to win for Arsenal. I always, always, always, always gave 100 per cent.”

Let’s look back, what was your best goal?

“They were all amazing for me. I think I scored some good goals at Highbury and away but the one that stands out was my second against Liverpool when we went unbeaten in the League. I never heard Highbury going crazy like that. I thought the place was going to collapse and you could tell by my celebration that it was the right time and place to score that goal. I went a bit mental. The place was just too loud. Scoring goals for Arsenal gave me goosebumps but that was a stand-out goal and kept us in the title race. We stayed there until the end.”

Your best moment?

“I would say winning the League unbeaten but one that would top that is my last goal at Highbury when I kissed the ground. It was a special moment for me. But as well this particular day is one of the saddest of my career, leaving Highbury. I can’t say it was the best moment but it was a particular moment. I am still shaking talking about it now.”

The best Arsenal side you have played in?

“Difficult to say, some people came here and did not win anything but that does not mean they were not great players. If I go with the team that stayed unbeaten then that means I have to leave out David Seaman and a load of other players. But in terms of the results then staying unbeaten is something rather amazing. But then with the guys before, we had won the Double. Every time I wore an Arsenal shirt it was just amazing. When I stepped on that pitch even where I was not performing well whoever was playing with me at the time was the right guy for me.”

As for the fans was there any moment that sums them up?

“I would say when we lost the Champions League Final against Barcelona in Paris. They all stayed afterwards and clapped us. That was a very special moment for the team. It is easy to stay there and cheer when you win but it is hard to clap your guys when you have just lost one of the titles you were waiting for.

“But as well I would say the first time I arrived here and people were giving me stick. The fans were always behind me and cool with me. I could go through whole eight years, it was crazy. I have had a really special relationship with them.”

How has Thierry Henry and Arsenal changed in the last eight years?

“I would like to think that when people talk about Arsenal they see the Boss has brought the ‘Arsenal touch’ and the ‘Arsenal way’, and I’m truly proud of being one of those guys to have helped play the way we have been. And I am sure it will carry on, because Arsenal was playing like that before me and they will be playing like that after me.

“Arsenal is a club that is now well known throughout Europe and that’s all down to the Boss. Also, the fans, they are never in trouble with fighting or disrespectful to other fans. The Arsenal fans have always made us proud.

“From a personal point of view, at Arsenal I have really become a man. This is thanks to the Boss, thanks to all the players, thanks to all the facilities at the Club and as I said before, thanks to all the people who made my life easier here, they have made me a man.”

Turning to the future of the Club, if you read the media at the moment it’s ‘crisis at Arsenal’ and ‘the walls of Emirates Stadium are coming down’. Surely that’s not true, the players and the set-up are far too good?

“The set-up and the facilities are far too good and we still have a lot of the main people who are staying. As I have said so many times, the team here is growing and there is some amazing talent here and I do think this is the right time for Robin van Persie, Emmanuel Adebayor and Nicklas Bendtner who is coming back from Birmingham, to shine. Hopefully they will do it. As soon as you know they can do it, they will forget about me, that’s the way it is.

“When Patrick left everyone was devastated, including me and then after that a little guy came around called Cesc Fabregas and, although I didn’t agree with it, everyone started saying ‘who needs Patrick Vieira?’ For me the guys we have here are amazing, but you always need Patrick Vieira.

“I don’t believe what everybody is saying about the Club collapsing, having a lack of players and everyone leaving. I think it is untrue. Cesc Fabregas is a world class player, Robin van Persie is a world class player, hopefully Adebayor will become a world class player, Tomas Rosicky is a world class player, Jens Lehmann is a world class player, Toure and Gallas are world class players. You can go through the whole squad like that.

“As I said to you, I will now become now an Arsenal fan and will be looking at every result and I’m sure the team will be successful.”

How did you tell the Boss you wanted to go?

“To be honest, I have a great relationship with the Boss. I’ve told you the reasons why I wanted to go and I told him exactly the same reasons. That’s how it is, I talked to the Boss about private stuff and non-private stuff. A bit of everything.

“But as I said to you, today is a very sad day for me. Whatever people are going to talk or read or see into it, it is a very sad for me.

“One thing that I forgot to say earlier was about the pride to play for the shirt and the team. In France we don’t have that. When I was young I used to support Bordeaux, but when they lost I went to support Marseille. But here you really learn the importance and the value of the shirt and the club. Arsenal is like that, an English family.

“Although I have had disagreements with the press over here, they have been tremendous to me, keeping me on my toes. But everyone has been great, the fans, playing away, getting booed, getting cheered, getting standing ovations. I will always, always remember that. And Arsenal gave me that, the way we were playing, getting standing ovations from away fans was just out of this world. It’s hard to understand because in France they are just not like that. If you play well at home [in France] you get a standing ovation, if you play well away from home, well, you play well away from home, that’s it.

“Getting a standing ovation away from home with Arsenal is something I will never forget, because you know a lot of people are really appreciating what you are doing as a team and it’s outstanding.

“As I have said before, I just want to thank everyone at the Club, the girls who work at the training ground, the girls who wash the kits, the masseurs, the staff at the Club, the staff at the stadium, the staff who work on the pitch at the stadium, the staff who work on the pitches at the training ground, the press office, the coach driver, everybody. Everybody here, I would just like to thank everybody here.

“Also to all the teams I have played against here, all the battles I have had against the players here, some of the fans away, the press and the refs, it’s been a great time. Everyone has just made it special and I would just like to thank everybody, but especially to all the people involved at Arsenal.

“It’s important to me to come to the Club today and say something properly because the fans have given me so much and I hope I gave a lot back to them. I want to keep my box here and I want to come back and watch some games, if they let me in! But it’s been a very weird day.”

Arsène Wenger has said he will stay on at least until his contract finishes next summer. We hope he stays on. If he does would you regret your decision?

“I don’t regret what I do. Playing for Arsenal was an honour for me. And I will say that until the day I die. When Patrick Vieira left the team had to move on and we came close to winning the Champions League. But this type of guy we were already missing.

“Not having Arsène around anymore — and everybody at the Club — will be ‘missing’ for me. It is a fact but it won’t be a regret. When Patrick left, I was devastated I missed the guy and I still miss the guy even though I see him with the national team. But I was devastated because he was a good guy to be around on the pitch or off the pitch. It goes beyond sport. That is why I won’t go with the regret word but more ‘missing’.

If you left Arsenal was it always going to be Barcelona. Is there some thing special about them?

“There is something special here at Arsenal too. I left Arsenal to go to Barcelona because, no disrespect to any other team, but there are only two teams in the world who play football the way I like it. That is the way the people here like it — the Arsenal way. That is how we play football here and ‘we’ play football there. If I can say that is one of the is the main reasons for Barcelona. The football they play is attractive to watch.”

Finally, your last question as a Arsenal player, do you have a message for the fans?

“Well, I would to say you have been tremendous for me I really do appreciate it. I am shaking as I say this. I will always remember you. I will have you in my head and my heart. I wanted to reassure you that I always gave 100 per cent here. I know some people said some other stuff but I always gave 100 per cent. I hope you appreciate what I did here because I appreciate what you did for me. I grew as a man and became a better football player. I will always take that with me no matter what happens.

“Arsenal will be in my blood aswell as my heart. I will always, always, always remember you guys. I said I was going to be a Gunner for life and I did not lie because when you are a Gunner you will always be a Gunner. The Club is in my heart and will remain in my heart forever.”

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The season that was

May 8, 2007 at 1:53 pm (Footie)

Manchester United are Premiership champions – 2007. The stalemate between Arsenal and Chelsea at the Emirates put an end to the two horse race involving United and Chelsea for the title. It’s all-but over now – the only thing left is the relegation dogfight which will go on to the final day of the season. No silverware for the gunners again this season – It’s been a disappointing campaign to say the least, after we moved to the new Emirates stadium. It’s a beautiful set up at Ashburton Grove, but unfortunately the gaffer, Arsene, has neither been able to get the right mix of players nor has he succeeded in grinding out the right results!

The football they play is unquestionable though. It is a very young squad but a promising one nonetheless. Take Julio-“I’m the man”-Baptista out of the roster and you’ve got a tremendously talented team. The Brazillian on loan from Real Madrid was(/is) just awful! The typical saying comes to mind – “Couldn’t hit a bovine’s gluteus maximus with a banjo, let alone hitting the target with a ball!” And then he wants people to know how good he is after scoring 7 goals in the league cup! I can’t believe I’m talking about a guy who scored 20 goals in the la liga for Sevilla! Just an example of the English football being a class above the other leagues in world football.

Lousy season it was for us gooners! Never looked like winning the league with a squad which had very few experienced players and a lot of injury problems. Beaten finalists of the Carling cup – Wenger put out a young squad to face Chelsea in the final and it almost worked! It finished 2-1 to Chelsea after a brawl in the end, but the youngsters were immense! Then the champions league exit to PSV and the FA cup exit to Blackburn after thoroughly outplaying both teams was hugely disappointing! Arsenal was out of all three cup competitions in a matter of two weeks!

From then on, there was nothing to play for except to finish in the top four to secure Champions league qualification for the next term. We managed to just do that, and it was some consolation after going through a poor season! Come the end of the season and the talks of a possible takeover are getting stronger. A few weeks ago, everybody was shocked to see vice chairman David Dein walk out of the club as a result of reported disagreements with the board over takeover talks. American billionaire and owner of Colorado Rapids, Stan Kroenke is pumping in more and more cash into Arsenal’s shares. He now is the major shareholder with over a 12% stake in the club. Nothing is clear yet, the board will soon meet Kroenke to talk over his possible plans for the club. Speculations are that Arsene Wenger and Thierry Henry could leave the club this summer as a result of the takeover!!

Last season saw the departure of experienced players like Pires, Bergkamp and Campbell. Ashley Cole joined Chelsea through a deal that saw William Gallas move in the opposite direction. Reyes was sent on a one year loan deal to Real Madrid and Julio Baptista came to Arsenal as a part of the swap deal. Czech international Tomas Rosicky and 16-year old Brazillian wonder-kid Denilson were the only other players who joined the club last summer. The squad looked good on paper – the talent was there. Unfortunately, Thierry Henry missed most of the season through injury, Gallas and Van Persie were in the treatment room for a good chunk of time as well.

The way the lads played on the pitch was typical Arsenal – lovely free-flowing football. They lacked experience to put the ball in the back of the net and conceeded too many unnecessary goals though. But the youngsters can only get better, and that’s why the future looks very bright for the ‘red n whites’. I have a feeling that next season will be Arsenal’s. A lot of things have been learnt this season and I’m sure the team will make amends and try to bounce back. Arsene Wenger might not add a lot to this squad in terms of players, but the quality and experience of the team can only grow with time.

My players of the season –

Cesc Fabregas – The kid was extraordinary! Brilliant player!
Gilberto – Scored plenty of goals and was tremedous defensively!
Manu Adebayor – Looks like a punk, plays like a star! What more could you ask for?! :P

Well, I’m not too disappointed by Arsenal’s performance this season – a double against United in the league, beat liverpool thrice, some great results and many awesome performances! It wasn’t that bad a season I guess! Next season, we will be up there competing for silverware in all four competitions! Arsenal for the quadruple! :P

Come on the Arsenal show some hot stuff!

Cheers! :)

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Practical or otherwise?

April 19, 2007 at 11:48 am (Uncategorized)

I hate my college! I hate studying for exams! I’m all-but disgusted by the way the Indian system of education runs. And now after almost three years of studying production engineering, the nausea has only turned bitterer – into a feeling of anguish.

For the life of me, I just cannot understand why somebody’s sex and appearance are considered for examinations – practical exams especially. Are they really factors that influence the practicality of an individual? Or are they just means of getting things done with a minimum of fuss and effort? Or are the examiners just plain fucked up psychos who don’t have a proper outlet for their personal problems and hence find such a situation a hugely juicy proposition to be that influential person that they can’t be in real life?

Whatever be the reason, these minor decisions (as they may seem) actually have the potential to change careers of people! How, you ask? Well, for someone like me, who isn’t the best at mugging up stuff, the major areas to score marks are practicals. But thanks to people who give extra marks for good looking girls (and even the not-so-good looking ones) and nerdy guys, the others are left trailing right at the start! Now these low percentages in practical exams eventually pull your overall percentage down and that’s how post-graduation and job opportunities grow feebler.

So how do you score well in practical exams? Be a female/be a nerd, be a sycophant, “look” intelligent and if you don’t know the answer to any of the questions they ask, just pretend you know something and tell them whatever you know. Now, I don’t know if it’s fair but that’s the way it works! My opinion – it’s an arrant injustice to ‘practicality’! Whatever be the reasons for such methods of evaluation, I can only think of them as acts of poor judgement.

Play fair!

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Thierry Henry – A portrait in pencil

March 27, 2007 at 1:02 am (Footie)

Thierry Henry (Pencil Sketch)

6 Hours – That’s approximately how long it took me to transform a piece of paper into this! After several months, I suddenly felt the urge to ‘put pencil to paper’ and I’m glad I had enough drive till the end to finish what, to me, is one of my best works ever! The fact that it’s a portrait of my idol makes it even more special to me. Cheers to TITI !!!

Feedback please! :)


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Marca Da Fabrica

February 22, 2007 at 8:32 am (Uncategorized)

Pratyusha and I had recently been to Kharagpur for Kshitij-07 – The annual Techno-Management fest of IIT Kharagpur. We were amongst the nineteen teams that made it to the final round of ‘Marca Da Fabrica’ – an Ad-Design competition. Although we returned home unrewarded, it was a very fine experience. The contest was split into two rounds – the first one being an online preliminary after which teams were filtered to participate in the final round, wherein the selected teams had to go to IIT Kharagpur to give a presentation.

Problem Statement for First Round

We had designed the following components for the first round:

Compulsory Parameters:

  • Logo
  • USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Tagline

Elective Parameters:

  • Color Newspaper Ad (Full page and quarter page)
  • Magazine Ad (Color and Black & White – A4)
  • 1 billboard (Dimensions – 3 m by 4m)

All the above mentioned parameters had to be put in a PDF file whose size was not supposed to exceed 1.5 mb. Here is the file we made:

Round 1 (PDF)

With exams lurking and loads of pressure, we could only manage to scurry through things hours before the deadline! Some of the advertisements we made were thought and executed in just minutes! But in the end, I think we gave it just about enough thought and effort to book a final round berth!

We got through! The piece of news came just a couple of days after our semester results had come. Both of us fared pretty well in our exams and confirmation that we made it to the final round of Marca Da Fabrica was icing on the cake. 2007 really gave us a headstart – it’s a truly wonderful feeling when things start swinging in your favour! But, we didn’t have time to celebrate yet – lots of work to be done for the final round. And the organisers of Kshitij definitely didn’t make it easier for us – they were contradicting their own rules and everything was ambiguous to say the least. Eventually things got better. (though we had to assume a few things which was the right thing to do, thankfully!) We somehow managed to wind things up just minutes before we left for Kharagpur.

Rules for Round 2

For the final round, the compulsory parameters were the same. We had to make 5 out of the given 7 elective parameters. We decided to stick with some of the ideas we used for making ads for the first round – in other words, we just had to edit parts of a few of the old ads. For the rest of the ads, we needed fresh ideas and we sure weren’t short of ideas!!

Without further ado, I present to you our whole package for the final round including the compulsory parameters and the ad campaign itself. Highlights of each parameter are also listed. Enjoy!

Compulsory Parameters:

  • Logo:


  • Simplicity
  • Colors green and blue depict land and water respectively. Hence the concept of One World.
  • USP:

“Blending simplicity with performance.”

  • Simplicity = Driver friendliness
  • Performance = Efficiency, Features, Quality.
  • Aim is to make cars with a perfect blend of simplicity and performance.
  • Tagline:

“One World. One Wheel.”

  • One World – Globalization of the company
  • One Wheel – Wheel refers to the company and hence one wheel emphasizes on the superiority of the firm on a global scale
  • Anti-racism – “One World. One Wheel.” suggests the concept of a unified world. The company acts as a binder for various races.

Elective Parameters:

  • Billboard Ad


  • The color of a car does not affect it’s performance.
  • Analogously, humans should not be discriminated against color or race as long as they perform well enough.
  • Hence the line “Different Colors. Same Respect.”.
  • Color Newspaper (Full Page) Ad

Color Newspaper (Full Page) Ad

  • Statistical data assumed.
  • Driving the world – Global superiority.
  • Driven by you – Customers’ hand in the company.
  • The toy dummy pushing the car personifies people who run the company, which includes the company itself, it’s employees and the customers.
  • Color Newspaper (Quarter Page) Ad

Color Newspaper (Quarter Page) Ad

  • The essence of this ad is ‘simplicity’
  • A touch of humor to make it look more attractive and catchy.
  • Dog is man’s best friend! Thus the ad imparts a sense of familiarity.
  • Color Magazine Ad

Color Magazine

  • This ad demonstrates the pro-employee stand of the company.
  • It focuses on female employees.
  • Humor again gives the ad a lot of eye-candy.
  • Black & White Magazine Ad

Black & White Magazine Ad

  • Highlights the USP – Blending Simplicity with Performance.
  • The complexity of the engine’s functionality is met with the simplicity of the car’s design and operation.
  • Poster Ad

Poster Ad

  • Appeals to the masses to boycott malicious racist campaigns.
  • Fictitious incidents have been mentioned.
  • Black and White colors have been used for the background theme to give it an anti-racism flavour.
  • Banner Ad

Banner Ad

  • Two forks and two sets of flares show blending. Hence the USP, blending simplicity with performance.
  • Another way to look at the ad is – The forks represent simplicity and the flares represent performance. Again, the USP is highlighted.
  • Video Ad
  • HNM’s guide to pure bliss!
  • Dream. Design. Drive.


Well that’s about it! The print ads were made using Adobe Photoshop CS2. The software has amazing features and is very user friendly. Images for the ads were taken from google and flickr. The video ad was done using the ‘stop motion animation’ technique. It took one full day to shoot and edit. Editing was done using Windows Movie maker. The software is very simple and effective.

We didn’t win anything unfortunately, but nonetheless learnt a lot I’m sure. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Pratyusha and the trip to Kharagpur was a quite memorable one as well. A handful of anecdotes saved in my memory and a nice break from my mundane life. Hoping to do more stuff like this soon – What say prats? :)

Cheers people, and thanks for your patience to read this huge post! Please leave your lovely comments and err…not so lovely criticism. :P

Until next time, it’s adieu from me!

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My Football

December 15, 2006 at 9:29 pm (Footie)

It seems so strange when I take a peek down memory lane-a distant half a decade ago. I was just done with my 10th grade exams, thinking of what I could possibly do to have some fun in the vacation that followed. Incidentally, there was an offer put up on a chocolate flavoured additive for milk, called ‘Milo’, which I used to have regularly-just another one of those offers that lure consumers. But, it wasn’t for the offer that I had my dad get yet another pack, I just loved the taste! Little did I know that the so called ‘free gift’ that came along would make such an impact on my life! Anyway, just out of curiosity, I tore apart the seal to check for the ‘free gift’ which invariably came with it. It was a different gift every now and then. This time it was a green and white, size-3 football. I looked at it and thought to myself “What am I gonna do with this now? May be I should gift it to Ajju or just fill it up and hang it somewhere coz it really looks cute!” By the way, Ajju is my cousin who stays upstairs. He was about 8-9 years of age then.

For the week that came, I completely forgot about the ball. Boredom crept in – so much so, that the only option I was left with was to do something with the football! I then went to Ram’s place(which has a pretty spacious front yard). We had been kicking the ball all afternoon until our legs gave up on us! Ram knew a bit about football, he used to watch it on TV. His love for Manchester United made me think on similar lines. I started watching football on TV, Man-Utd looked good! Meanwhile, I started playing more often – at a small piece of vacant land close by. It was only me and Ajju at first, but people started joining in slowly. A year and half later, I realised that it was actually a footballing culture that sprung into life from nowhere!

In the meantime, I’d done something which united fans would consider the biggest sin of all – shifting loyalties to huge rivals, Arsenal! The gunners were the best footballing side I’d ever seen, and they kept getting better and more consistent with time. One man definitely caught my eye – the one who did things which nobody else could, the one who was magical on the pitch and deadly for the opposition, the one they called ‘Thierry Henry’! He was just a class above the rest. And everything that I could have imagined as attributes for a perfect footballer, I found in him. Being a gooner felt great, especially because Arsenal thoroughly entertain their fans every single time they step on the turf. My second season as an Arsenal fan was remarkable to say the least – we were the most feared team in Europe. Not only did we show character and resillience to win the league title, we also showed other teams how the game is to be played. Everything was just top-drawer, top-class and top-quality. It wasn’t just a great season for a great club, it was a record-breaking performance by a legendary side. Arsenal became the first team in about 100 years to go a whole season in the English top flight unbeaten! And considering the advancement of the game in a century and the fact that ‘The Premiership’ was arguably the best league in the world, this was some feat!

Personally, it was a boost for me as well. I wanted to play like they did-with the same swagger and fluidity. Of course, I wasn’t even close to being as sublime as they were, nonetheless it influenced the way I thought and the way I played. Today I find myself completely in love with the game although my academic commitments do not comply with me spending more time on the pitch. However, in one way or another, I now seem to be attached to the game which has changed my perception, my way of thinking, my physical abilities and more. Football has given me a meaning to life!

Kudos to “The Beautiful Game”!
Joga Bonito!(Play Beautiful!)

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